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FREE Masterclass: 3 Secrets to Selling Bigger Creative Projects

In this FREE Masterclass You'll Learn:

  1. A Major Mindset Shift...That all creative professionals MUST adopt in order to take their business to the upper tiers of the industry

  2. Key Questions That Will Unlock More Work: You'll learn the right questions to ask and more importantly WHEN to ask them that will serve as the key that leads to bigger projects that you can charge significantly more money for.

The SINGLE Most Important Skill Set to Have: For creative pro's the world has been changing rapidly, increasingly jeopardizing our careers. Things like Fiverr, 99 Designs, design AI and developing economies are driving down prices for creative work. What can you do about it? I'll tell you.

The Pathway to Charging Higher Fees:

There are proven tools and processes you can use to bullet-proof your creative business - and if you know them, you can join the exclusive group of creatives who aren't worried about constantly landing new business, they're making a killing and expanding.

Your creative practice is about to change in a big way.

Whether you are struggling to land bigger clients and projects, or whether you need to figure out how to sell your work for higher fees...this can be the turning point you've been waiting for.

So much has changed in the creative fields that it's hard to command the project fees you used to. But if you know a few proven tools and techniques, there is NOTHING but room at the top tier of the creative industry for you.

Join me to find out what it takes to span the gap from being just an "order-taker" to your clients to being considered a highly valued business partner - and getting paid for how you think in addition to what you create or design.

This Masterclass is a Must Attend if...

A creative pro who's frustrated by being treated like an order-taker. You want to sell bigger projects, charge higher fees and get paid for thinking.

You're a designer that's concerned about the pressure of Fiverr, 99 Designs and AI on how much you can charge for your work.

You have some clients and projects coming in - but need to make more money per engagement and get treated like a true business partner.